What is the difference between a psycotherapist (also called "clinicians", "therapists" or "mental health counselors"), a psychologist, and a psychiatrist?

This is a common question which I hope to be able to simplify for you. A Psychotherapist (for which I am licensed as) provides evidenced based therapeutic services in which interventions such as talk therapy, emotional processing, grounding and meditation, improving communication, assertiveness training and other modalities of clinical work are offered to individuals, couples, conjoint groups (such as a mother/daughter dyad or a stepfather and his two step children) as well as for members participating in specialized groups (i.e. 'Grief support group').

Psychotherapists have graduated from an Accredited Master's Degree program at a university, have completed at least 3,000 hours of interning (this number may vary in other states) and have been granted licensure by the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) after successful completion of the State Licensing Examination. Psychotherapists may also hold more than one service credential in the field of counseling for specialized services (i.e. Anger Management Training, Eye Movement Desensitivation Reprocessing [EMDR]).

Psychotherapists do not prescribe medication but can make referrals or partner with Psychiatrists who provided medication support and testing for other, more significant clinical issues including Bi Polar Disorders,  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), etc.

Psychologists perform similar duties as a Psychotherapist. The main distinguishing factor between the two is that a psychologist holds a Ph.D in the field of psychology and has significant additional training in testing and assessment to further inform diagnostic criteria for such conditions including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, etc.  Psychologists may also refer clients to a psychiatrist for medication support and/or a psychotherapist for mental health counseling and support.

Why is Pricing for services not available on the website and why doesn't The Healing Chariot accept Medical Insurance?

Although The Healing Chariot has a standard "Price Chart" for the services we provide, pricing can be altered due to client needs, circumstances and other factors that may affect our standard rates (i.e. traveling for in-home visits, extended group participation services, etc.) We do not accept private or any medical insurance at this time because the Healing Chariot does not contract with any insurance companies or entities. This allows us to be more flexible with providing sliding scale fees for clients requiring financial support for services.

**There is a non-refundable $85 formal Intake fee should your wish to proceed with a normal intake after a telephone consultation -- REGARDLESS OF YOUR DECISION TO  ACCEPT SERVICES WITH THE HEALING CHARIOT OR NOT. ALL ANCILLARY SERVICES ARE EXCLUDED FROM The $85 Intake Fee**

We may be able to offer you alternative referrals to other professionals if needed should you decide not to do business with The Healing Chariot.

If I engage in therapy services, is everything I share with my therapist private and confidential?

Not only are your disclosures confidential, but any documentation or notes recorded after sessions are securely locked and protected. But please know that there are exceptions to confidentiality. These instances usually occur if your therapist feels you are in danger to yourself or others. These factors will be covered in more depth during your Intake session.

For more information on mental health workers' legal and ethical duties to ensure and protect client confidentiality and the exceptions therein, please check out The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) online at Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_Insurance_Portability_and_Accountability_Act


"Thank you, Christopher, for letting me know when it was time to fly on my own wings. I would have stayed in therapy with you forever! As scared as I was to end therapy, you helped me gain the confidence to use all the tools and interventions you taught me during our time together. Thank you...thank you...thank you!" (**Santa Clarita, CA)



Christopher is not only a great clinical professional, he is a great person! He helped me grow as a capable and competent group facilitator. I had the great privilege to work along side him as a co-facilitator and I got to watch him in action as a facilitator. The way he was able to manage all the participants in the group with respect and honor was magical. I feel privileged to have been under his tutelage! (CA)